OCS Janitorial

Day Porter Service

Greater seattle, Bellevue, and the Eastside

Unlike a janitorial team that cleans after office hours, our commercial day porter works alongside your staff to keep your space safe and clean during the day. In addition to keeping your kitchens organized and clean, your bathroom sanitized, and your space free of clutter, our day porter services can help your business run smoothly. We partner with you to knock out cleaning to-do lists so there your employees can remain productive.

Trust OCS Janitorial to clean your office during work hours

When you trust OCS Janitorial with your day porter needs, we make the process as straightforward as possible. Your dedicated porter will show up on the schedule you decide and takes care of your maintenance needs so your team can stay focused on more pressing matters without distraction.

We welcome any recommendations you or our employees have for us and will work hard to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Barbara, the owner and founder of OCS, is always standing by to address concerns or answer questions about our Day Porter service

With a regular day porter service, you’ll immediately notice that your facility remains cleaner, wastebaskets never overflow, and restrooms are properly stocked. And when emergencies happen, you’ll have a dedicated staff member ready to resolve the problem quickly.

A reliable day porter service for Greater Seattle

Because day porters move and work alongside your employees, we strive to find the right porter or team of porters for every organization we serve. It isn’t just about the cleaning, it’s about the relationship between our porter and your employees. Our porters are friendly, experienced, reliable, and have positive, can-do attitudes. In addition, they are experts at ensuring the kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, and common areas remain pristine. Clients, staff, and you will come into the office feeling secure and happy with the cleanliness of your space. 

Our commercial day porter services include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Maintaining Kitchens and Dishes
  • Lobby cleaning
  • Office Window Washing
  • Doors
  • Displays & Fixtures
  • Kiosks
  • Trash Removal and Recycling
  • Cafeteria cleaning and upkeep